"Count" Math Goal Menu

If you read my previous post during Teacher Week you know that our school emphasizes individual goal setting directed by the students.  I did really well with this using the CAFE menu for reading, but I needed to find a way to do the same in math and writing. 

A few weeks ago I posted about my VOICES (for the six traits: Voice, Organization, Ideas, Conventions, Exciting Word Choice, Sentence Fluency) writing menu. And have that all set up in my room.  You can read more about it here.

So my next step was to do the same for math. I'm hoping that again this will be just what I need to get my students to be the amazing mathematicians and problem solvers I know they can be. I decided to base it on the strands of math listed in the common core state standards which meant I needed to think of a clever acronym for it.  Finally I worked it out so the menu will be called "COUNT" The letters stand for:

Counting and Cardinality (K only, but could still be posted for other grades)
Operations and Algebraic Thinking
Understand Geometry
Numbers and Operations in Base Ten/Fractions
Think about Measurement and Data 

You wouldn't believe how long it took to come up with an acronym that would work. (PACING and MOON GO were also in the running for options...I think COUNT makes a little more sense, don't you?)

So here it is! It includes goals for K5-3rd grade. 

I cant wait to get these posted in my room! Please check it out and give me some feedback if you have ideas that will make it better!

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