Teacher Week 13: Meet the Teacher

So excited to get reacquainted with all you lovely teacher bloggers out there and can't wait to find some newer bloggers like myself to follow.  So here's the schedule for this week for those of you that haven't stopped by Blog Hoppin yet.

So here we go...

1. I am about to begin my 7th year teaching (Yikes! Have I really been teaching that long already?) This will be my 5th year in kindergarten in the same school. I've previously taught head start and first grade as well, but I just LOVE kindergarten!

2. I've also been married for 5 years to my wonderful husband.  He is an officer in the Army National Guard and I am very proud of him!

3. My husband and I love to travel, mostly by taking cruises to lots of warm tropical places.  I'd also love to go to Europe and Alaska some day, but every time we have the time to take a vacation all I can think about is going somewhere warm after a long cold Wisconsin winter. Maybe someday...

4. I am in love with my 3 year old puppy Kevlar.  She actually was my sister in law's dog first.  She fostered our sick little puppy with the intent to give her to us soon after but we were both so busy with work and school we didn't think we had time to raise a puppy. But after a year when she came up to visit us that summer I begged my husband to let us keep her and everyone that meets her wants to take her home as well. She is the sweetest best behaved dog ever! (I am convinced my sister in law is the dog whisperer.)

5. Our little family is growing, and we are expecting our first baby this November.  We are so excited for our little girl to arrive! She will be the first grandchild for both of our families as well, so I'm sure she will be ridiculously spoiled :)

6. I am in full blown nesting mode. We were planning on remodeling our master bath this summer. I decided I wanted to at least strip some wallpaper and paint our second bath since we would have to use that one for a while and it was a bit SCARY. (I almost get nauseous just looking at all that Coke wallpaper)  Well that turned into nearly a whole second bathroom remodel, but I am so proud of the results! (Thank you pinterest for all the great inspiration, now if only i could do something about that floor...).

7. I am definitely a kid at heart. On our last cruise I made my husband get up early so we could have breakfast with the characters :) at least we will have a little girl that I can use as an excuse soon! (As you can see by the second picture my husband is a bit of a kid himself)

8. I have one older brother and a little sister that is 13 years younger than me.  She is now 16 and I love that we get to do fun sister things together.  She keeps me young.

9. I love country music. My sister shares this love so we've gone to see many concerts together.  Most fun of all was last summer when we went to Country Thunder, a 4 day outdoor camping and music festival.  Too much fun!

10. I can't wait to be a stay at home mommy in November, but leaving the teaching world for a while terrifies me.  Hopefully blogging with all you lovely ladies will keep me connected and not missing it too much!

Alrighty, thats it for now. I'll be back tomorrow with a little tour of my classroom in progress :) Until then check out the other teachers linking up for Teacher week 2013.

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