Teacher Week 13: Classroom Management

I usually change my classroom management a little bit each year, but last year I started using the behavior chart/calendars from Angeline over at The First Grade Scoop.  I was so happy with how easy they were to use that I plan on using them again this year.  My kids loved trying to get to purple or pink and their parents really appreciated the daily communication with the matching calendars. Here is how they work and a few pictures too. 

Post the clip chart and attach a clothespin with each child's name. Every child starts on green each day.

I love that there are 3 options for positive reinforcement as well as several levels of reminders.  The matching calendars are what really sold me on this system however. 
Each child gets a copy of their calendar at the front of their BEE binder for the month. Then they color the square at the end of each day so that their parents can keep track of their behavior as well.  If a student is below green I also jot a quick number code telling their family the reason why.  This is a great behavior record for me as well because at the end of the month I keep the calendars in each students file as a record.

I also added an incentive chart from Teacher Ta.m. She has a cute pack of printable incentive charts with clip art themes for the whole year.  

Any child on blue, green or yellow receives one sticker on a sticker chart that they keep in their crayon box.  Any child making it to purple or pink by the end of the day receives 2 stickers! (super exciting when you are 5 years old) And anyone on orange or red does not receive a sticker for the day. Usually I make a phone call home for students on red, or talk to parents at pick up time as well.

Then I added my own binder of prize options for the kiddos when they fill their chart.  The best part? All of the prizes are FREE!  

They can choose to wear a silly hat all day, bring a CD to play during work time, have extra time on the computer, eat lunch in the classroom with me and a friend (always a favorite), and many more.

This system worked great for me last year, so hopefully this group of kindergartners responds just as well to it.  Of course there are always one or two that need more support with behavior.  then I use individual behavior charts customized to each kid.  They are usually broken down into smaller increments of the day and we set a goal for the number of smileys to get that day for example.  Here is one I used with a special little friend last year.

These also get signed and returned so I can keep a record if more intense intervention is needed.  Fortunately this little boy didn't even need this chart after about 2 months.  He actually asked if he could use the big clip chart again, and was super successful with it for the rest of the year.  

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  1. Hi! I found your blog through Blog Hoppin’ Teacher Week! The summer went too fast and I cannot believe it is that time of year again!
    Check out my Wednesday and Thursday Teacher Week blog posts: Now Teach and Taming the Wild!

    I think I might use the behavior chart this year, but use only blue, green, yellow and red. I need to simplify it for myself so I can ensure that I use it!

    If You Give a Teacher a Treat

    1. I love the behavior calendar. I made one but I really like the one you have in your post!

    2. Thanks for your comments! I've tried so many different charts and tracking systems, but I was so in love when I found this one!


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