Welcome Back Night

Wow this week flew by! I was so busy getting everything ready in my room for back to school night on Wednesday I didn't have anytime to post this week. 

We had the best turnout this year! 17/19 of my students show up. Such an awesome group of kiddos, I can tell its going to be a great year, I still can't believe I'm really only teaching until Thanksgiving.... So many great questions from parents and excitement for the start of the year. Here are some pictures from our welcome back night.
 It was about in the 90's and humid all week with heat advisories, so me HAD to have some refreshments!
 A place for students to put their supplies.
 Our iPads charging for the first day of school :)
Here is the welcome packet and treat students picked up when they came in to visit.
 Sign in sheets outside of our classroom door.
And last but not least....The door we've been waiting for them to finish ALL summer. (did I mention they finished it that morning? Nothing like waiting til the last minute) Luckily I had enough time to get the rest of our classroom banners put up, our CAFE(reading) and VOICES (writing) boards up and very soon I will have a math menu up on the doors called "COUNT" that's my goal for today.  So I will hopefully post about that tomorrow :)

I'm really excited about the fact that I can have all of my students personalized goals posted on one wall that just happens to be behind my small group table.  It will be soooo helpful when conferring with students and definitely this OCD girl happy!

If you like the banners you can get them here:

There are 8 different banners (84 pages) that match my Freebie Welcome Banner. 
And the VOICES board, my current best seller :) is posted here:

How did your welcome back night go? Are you excited or terrified for the start of the year?

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