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Okay its time to get organized in my room! The problem is...there is currently a giant hole in the wall in my classroom and everything is quite the disaster! They are putting in doors between the classrooms to connect them, which was supposed to be done by June 28.  (Yeah, don't even get me started on how panicked I was when I found out they hadn't even really started by that date.) So anyways, I was in my classroom this week dust, debris and all, and am happy to say there is at least a hole, a door frame, and progress being made.  I am hopeful I will be able to start setting things up more net week, but until then I am just going to print and laminate as much of the cute stuff I've found or created over the summer. 

Here is a product I've been working on for a few days for my word wall.  My old cards were plain, white, and pretty boring, so it was about time to make new ones that match my classroom color scheme.  There are 70+ words included in the pack. 

Please let me know what you think, if you'd like to see them in more colors, or if you want me to add more words.  I'm always looking for helpful feedback!

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