First week

I love my adorable kiddos, and I love the first day excitement and now I I think I'm finally recovered from my first week back with the kids.  I think every year I forget just how exhausting that first week is! This year was especially tough with it being very hot and me being very pregnant! I had to try real hard not to fall asleep before 7:00 each night just to make it through the week.  Luckily my class is AWESOME.  I'm so excited for an amazing first quarter. 

I'm a little in denial that I will really be leaving in 12 short weeks, but until then I'm going to squeeze in as much learning and fun with these sweeties :)

I was so busy, the only pictures I took were the first day pictures that you see above....I'll try to be better this next week. Until then this is what I've been busy with all weekend...

You would never guess how long it takes to set up 18 student iPads! I'm loving that I have a class set to use with my students (I still need to get 3 more because as of now I have 21 students, but I'll worry about that tomorrow)  Our school is one of the lucky schools to have one iPad for EVERY student this year. This is part of our 3 year iPad roll out in the district.  By next year every student and staff member will have their own iPad to use. That's over 10,000 iPads! Crazy!! I'll try to post more about how we are rolling them out this week in my classroom.

And of course my weekend is also filled with a little of this:

Next week I'm going to try to get my math groups up and running which means I need to start goal setting with my students.  In order to set goals efficiently I wanted to make sure I get my Math "COUNT" menu up.  You can read more about how I am using it here.

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