What teacher doesn't love getting new ideas for picture books to use with their students? I'm always scouring bookstores, scholastic, half price books, and rummage sales for new great finds. So here we go, I'm joining my first linky party with firstgradeandfabulous.blogspot.ca.  I'm a little late to the party since this is already week 3 of her posts, but this weeks topic is character education.

Here are some of my favorites:

Caring and compassion - "A Chair for Mother" by Vera B. Williams

I remember seeing this book for the first time as a kid on reading rainbow. I just love everything about the beautiful illustrations and strong message of caring and compassion.

Self-Worth - "Chrysanthemum" by Kevin Henkes

This book is a beginning of the year staple for me, and I'm sure many of you as well.  I love that it can be used to teach respect, self worth and at the same time lead into some great study of kindergarteners' names!

Don't forget to check out all of the other great picture books each week over at 
First Grade and Fabulous! I know I'm getting some fantastic ideas for next school year already.

Here is goes... my very first freebie creation. I'm using a blue and green color scheme in my room this year again so here is the welcome banner I created to display outside my classroom.

Hello fellow teacher bloggers! I am so excited and nervous about starting a teaching blog!  I have finally decided to start my own blog after blog stalking for the past 3 years :) I'm somewhat of a perfectionist...okay I am a SERIOUS perfectionist when it comes to anything related to teaching so up until this point I just didn't feel like I could add blogging to my never ending to do list. So here it goes!

First off, let me introduce myself.  I am 29 years old and will be starting my 7th year teaching this fall.  I have been teaching kindergarten for 5 years, and wouldn't have it any other way.  There's just something special about the amount of growth and change that can be accomplished in one short year with my little kinders.  I recently completed my master's program in reading as well, which means hopefully I will have a little extra time on my hands without homework to look forward to every night :)  

In my life outside teaching (sometimes I like to think I have one) I have been married for 5 years to my wonderful husband and we are anxiously expecting our first child this November! What better time to start blogging right? Okay, okay, so my motives may be a bit selfish because I am planning on becoming a stay at home mom after our little girl arrives. Life without teaching just seems a bit scary to me, so I'm hoping blogging and following all the other wonderful teacher bloggers out there will help me to stay connected to the teaching world.  That being said I just can't resist posting one of our sweet little girls first pictures...

Thanks for stopping by, I look forward to sharing all kinds of ideas with you all soon!

:) Jess

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