This week I chose a book that focuses on Number Sense.  I love using books to teach math and I found a perfect book to use at the beginning of the year when working on number sense with little ones.

The pictures in this book are gorgeous and my photos don't really do them justice.
I love the simple layout of the pages. 
 The number word, numeral, drawing and photograph are included for all number 1-10. 
I love the real photographs because they are so bright and engaging. All kids love animals right?
I use this book whole group and have students volunteer to come up and point to the animals for the class to count. Its amazing how a fun pointer can really motivate kids, lol.  
Modeling and practicing one to one correspondence is an important skill to practice daily at the beginning of the year. 
As the numbers get larger it may get more difficult to count the animals, so it is great to practice together.
 I like to include this book in a math center as well, to use as a reference for students. 
 I've even made "Math Reading" a center during math workshop before with response pages similar to a listening center.
 I like that it really encourages students to look carefully at the picture when counting because the animals are not always in a simple arrangement for counting. 
If counting animals in the photograph becomes too difficult, I like that struggling students can count the illustration and then go back to the photograph to try to count again.
And there is even a reference page in the back with all of the numbers.

I hope you can use this book with your little mathematicians.  And I encourage you to use more books in your math instruction, it helps to engage students in different ways and gives them a reference to go back to to reinforce new concepts.

Grab your cup of coffee and get ready to curl up with this week's featured book, "Give That Back, Jack! A cautionary Tale."

Have you ever had a school year where everything just seems to go missing. Now I'm not talking just the normal "It's the day before Christmas Break and these kids haven't been outside to play in weeks so I couldn't find my left arm if my life depended on it" kind of losing things. But more the "cool" pencil, Amy's glittery headband, and Joey's basketball eraser kind of losing things.  Well if you are the lucky recipient of a child with sticky fingers this school year then this book is definitely for you!

I love the cute illustrations, and simple repetitive story line.

This could start some good conversation about things that have gone missing if you are having this problem, and how the kids feel when it happens to them. Now for some silliness...

Now obviously I don't want my kiddos to think they will get eaten by a snake if they steal, but this could definitely start some great conversations about consequences of stealing!

I hope you enjoy this book and check out more books in the linky party here!

I'm linking up with Mrs. McClain to share ideas that teachers "oughta know" about.  I want to share an AWESOME website I've just discovered called Go Noodle

I'm a big advocate of movement in the classroom especially for the littles.  I try to incorporate "brain breaks" into each transition and wherever possible in my day. I use a lot of "Just Dance" you tube videos and a Hop Sports Brain Break website my school subscribes to.  But best of all I just discovered Go Noodle which is FREE!

First, there is a cute classroom champ that you pick that grows as you play. More minutes=bigger champ.  Then after you make to the top level, you get to pick a new champ.

Next, there are different types of breaks for energizing, calming and focusing your little monsters angels. 

Here are some of my favorites:

Tons of Zumba routines to popular music, great for kids who might be "too cool" to dance to the silly songs.
Songs that teach, like this ABC song with Usher!
Sports simulation (kind of like Wii  without the remotes)
Lots of different yoga options.  You choose  goals such as strength, focus, mood, etc.
Some songs are just for fun, and the kids can dance around however they want. Like "Happy" complete with cute little minions.

I'm sure you haven't heard enough of your kids singing "Let it Go" so you'll definitely want this sing along brain break.  You can thank me later, lol.
Oh and last, but not least...remember how I told you I like to find "Just Dance" videos from you tube for my kiddos? Oh that's right you can add your favorites and save them here!!
My kiddos loved this Gummi Bear dance, too cute.
Seriously, go check it out. I'm pretty sad I discovered it after years of pulling up and searching you tube every time I wanted a quick brain break.

Check out some more great ideas that you "oughta know" about from these great teachers:

I know lots of teachers focus on Apples in the fall, so here is my FAVORITE book for teaching about this topic. There is so much information crammed into this little book.

Apples, Apples, Apples by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace
I love this chart about the different types of apples.
This diagram of the parts of apples is great.
This explanation on how apples are grown from seeds is simple but informative.
I always make applesauce with my class, so I like that this book has a recipe to follow. 
There are also directions for making apple prints.
I created a few freebies to go along with this book.  You can download them for free here.

Check out more great books at Deanna Jump's link up here.
I finally got motivated to work on some of my works in progress for TPT.  So I'm excited to say I have finished another anchor chart set, this time for addition and subtraction. Here is a peek at what is included:

 It includes addition and subtraction vocabulary.

 And strategies for solving different types of equations.

I'm also done with my anchor charts for now, so I bundled them together as well. If you like them all, you can get them for just $10!

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