Learning Letters with Interactive Emergent Readers

Learning letters is such a huge part of the beginning of the year for most kindergarteners, and let's be real sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. For your students, 26 letters can seem daunting! And for you, gathering and organizing resources for all 26 letters can be a mess.  
I've been working on a fun new product to help minimize the amount of resources you will need to gather by including tons of different practice all in one book. 
So here it is, my first Interactive Emergent Reader and its FREE: 

First, there is a full color teacher version of the interactive reader.

 This book is perfect for use with the whole class or a small group. All of the cut out pieces can easily be attached with Velcro so that you and the students can interact with the pieces. After using it to demonstrate, it can easily be used in a literacy center as well.
 Students practice word recognition when they match the words with the pictures on the Read It! page.
 Next,  there is a handwriting practice page for practicing the focus letter.
The Write It! page provides practice with writing the words in the book.It is also a great way to practice many letters at the same time.
 Students can hunt for the focus letter on the Find It! page.
This page may be my favorite! My students always love a chance to sing and dance.  (Or maybe they just enjoy cracking up at my lack of awesome dance moves...) I created QR codes for our favorite letter A practice videos as well as a few alphabet songs.  You can scan these and practice as a class, easy peasy! No more searching and setting up playlists to get to the right video. 
 The student version is in the exact same format.  I have included both a color and black and white version so you can choose what to print for your class.
 I always have students create a reading treasure box at the beginning of the year, so when they take these books home they have one place to keep them. One little shoebox of books is way less crazy than 26+ books floating around the house.  Hopefully, then they won't get crumpled and thrown away by OCD moms like me:)
 Students cut and glue the pieces into their book and can practice concepts of print by pointing and reading the words.
   Then they complete each practice page independently.
 It's super easy to spice things up by using crayons, markers, colored pencils, fun pens, etc.
 The Find It! page can also be done with highlighters, dabbers, crayons, markers, etc.
  The student version  includes the 3 letter A songs which are awesome for at home practice! Kids will love sharing these songs with their family and are a fun and easy way to practice at home.

I hope you love these books as much as I do!

Interactive Emergent Reader: All About A

Check out all of the readers bundled here:

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