Book Talk Tuesday: Going on a Ghost Hunt!

I'm back with another book to share for Mrs. Jump's Book Talk Tuesday. This week I wanted to share a fun story to get you into the Halloween spirit!

We're Going on a Ghost Hunt by Kris Hirschmann
 This book follows the popular "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" song with a Halloween theme.  I just love using song books in kindergarten.  There are so many benefits for the students literacy development.  They are perfect for repeated readings because the students love to join in. They also become very popular choices for students' individual book boxes. I always smile when I see them rereading and singing to themselves during daily five. 

Here are just some of the reasons song books are perfect for emergent readers:
  • Build phonemic awareness
  • Predictable patterned text allows for students to experience feelings of success in reading
  • Develop fluency and expression
  • Foster a love for reading
Scholastic always has cute variations on common songs related to different holidays and themes.  I'm always sure to grab them because they are such a big hit with my students. Do you use song books with your students?


  1. Thank you!! I haven't seen this yet...I know the repetitive patterns will be a huge hit with my reading intervention groups.
    Jen :)


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