Do you use task cards in your classroom? Are you curious how to make the most of these awesome learning tools? Great! I'd like to share some of my favorite ways to use Task Cards to meet the needs of my students.

First, when you have a skill that everyone in the class could use some work or review on, try out these whole group ideas.

  Next, if you just have a few students that could use reinforcement or review, try these small group ideas.
  Or if you are looking for productive and targeted practice for individual students take a look at these individual practice ideas.
  And here are just a few more thoughts on how you can make the most of the task cards you have in your classroom.
 If you'd like to try these ideas out but don't have any task card sets. Check out the cute and fun task cards I created for Halloween to practice both math and ELA skills!
Practice counting sets to 20 in Halloween Candy Count.
Practice counting sets of money in Monster Money.
Practice counting base ten blocks to 100 in Place Value Potion.
Practice identifying beginning sounds in Batty Beginnings.
Practice identifying the number of syllables in words in Syllable Spiders.
Practice reading CVC words in Wicked Words.

I'm linking up with some great teachers again this month to bring you teaching ideas that you oughta know about. Check out what they have to share here! 

I'm back with another book to share for Mrs. Jump's Book Talk Tuesday. This week I wanted to share a fun story to get you into the Halloween spirit!

We're Going on a Ghost Hunt by Kris Hirschmann
 This book follows the popular "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" song with a Halloween theme.  I just love using song books in kindergarten.  There are so many benefits for the students literacy development.  They are perfect for repeated readings because the students love to join in. They also become very popular choices for students' individual book boxes. I always smile when I see them rereading and singing to themselves during daily five. 

Here are just some of the reasons song books are perfect for emergent readers:
  • Build phonemic awareness
  • Predictable patterned text allows for students to experience feelings of success in reading
  • Develop fluency and expression
  • Foster a love for reading
Scholastic always has cute variations on common songs related to different holidays and themes.  I'm always sure to grab them because they are such a big hit with my students. Do you use song books with your students?

It's October, which means Halloween and Trick or Treating are just around the corner.  I can't wait to dress Madelynn up and take her out for her first Trick or Treating adventure, but that's still a few weeks away. So for now I'm  super excited to share an awesome weekend of Teaching Tricks and Treats with you!  There are over 4o amazing teachers linked up to share their tricks and treats with you too!
Going to a pumpkin farm in the fall is always one of my favorite things to do and I just love sharing that experience with kindergarteners on our annual field trip.  Field trips are tons of fun but definitely require a lot of planning and thought to make them a worthwhile educational experience for students. Here are some tips for making field trips an engaging addition to your curriculum.

1. Decide on your trip.
Check with other classes in your school to see what trips they have planned. You may not want to repeat the same trip year after year unless you see additional benefit in the having the experience again. You will also want to consider your units of study, the cost, the distance, and number of chaperones needed. Consider visiting the site before booking the trip if you have not been to the location before. Here are some examples of primary field trips that you may want to consider:
2. Get your trip approved.
Districts have to ensure that all field trips are safe, age appropriate, and designed to enhance the curriculum. Check for policies regarding chaperones, costs, money collection, and transportation. Be sure to have safety precautions in place. Use the following checklist to help you prepare:
3. Prepare your students.
Finally, make the most of your trip by preparing students ahead of time. Build background knowledge and read lots of books relating to your location/topic. I love when field trip guides are impressed with how much my students already know! Have a plan for students when they return to summarize their experience.  Here are two pages I created that you can use for any field trip.

1. Freebies
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