Kindergarten Celebration, Awards, and a SALE!

Have you heard the news? There's a big sitewide TPT sale coming on 5/5-5/6 just in time for Teacher Appreciation Week.  You have been busting your butt all year getting those cutie pies to reach goals and learning targets and finding fun and creative ways to make your classroom more engaging than a day at the circus. (okay well, maybe sometimes your classroom feels LIKE a circus, but shhh...don't tell your principal) So a bunch of your favorite TPT sellers want to help you out with a big discount on the resources you need in this sitewide sale.  And TPT will be throwing in an additional discount on top of what teachers are offering just use the promo code: THANKYOU at checkout.

Now I know you are pressed for time trying to survive the end of the year craziness so I wanted to share a few of my favorite end of the year resources to finish the school year! Hopefully this can save you a little browsing time!

Do you have a celebration or graduation for your students? I know many schools are going away from a big celebration in kindergarten, but I always like to do something special in my classroom. I think it makes it more special when it is just the kids from your class and their families anyways.
My room is always jam packed full of family members for our Kindergarten Celebration every year so I created a resource to help you plan a celebration of your own.
 Here is what I've included.
The classroom celebration usually lasts about an hour, and most of that is our photo slideshow.  Here is a rough idea of what my celebration includes:
After our celebration in the classroom we always head outside to the nearby park for a little picnic :) Usually we have between 3-5 kindergarten classes in my building and we all have our celebrations in our own classrooms but then team up for the picnic.  We've done our picnic a few different ways. We have done a potluck where each family brings something to share and we assign each class something different (main dish/side dish/ snacks/ drinks/ desserts). We've also had each family bring a picnic lunch for themselves and then we provided a dessert and/or popsicles for a special treat.  This is a lot easier to manage because we don't have to worry about plates, silverware, cups, tables etc. If you are short on time, or just too exhausted to worry about managing all the extras, this is the way to go! Here is the note we send to families.
After our picnic lunch we have a mini field day where each teacher plans a game for students and the classes get to rotate to each activity for a little organized fun. Some examples of our rotations include a pinata, water balloon toss, red light green light, relay races, parachute games, minute to win it games, three legged race, tug of war, freeze tag, etc. If you have parents willing to lead games too you can add even more activities and divide into smaller groups, so don't be afraid to ask!
Now if you are super close to the end of the year and don't feel like you have time to plan a big celebration, you can always do a quick awards ceremony and picnic with your families.  I just uploaded these Student Awards to my TPT store and they include color/black & white versions as well as EDITABLE versions for you to create your own!

Personalized awards are always a sweet keepsake for kids and their families. I hope you find what you need for your end of year fun, now I am off to fill up my cart so I'm ready to checkout by Wednesday night, happy shopping!

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