Mother's & Father's Day Celebrations!

Mother's Day is less than a month away...Do you plan a celebration for your students' mothers? I always love this time of year with my class because we plan so many fun celebrations it helps to keep us SO busy until the end of the year.  We hold a Muffins for Moms and Donuts for Dads event at the end of the year for Mother's/Father's Day. I know this can be a sensitive holiday for some students so I try to emphasize that ALL important adults are welcome at either celebration.  Having great family relationships and communication all year are key to making these events a success.  I created a huge resource for planning and preparing a successful Mother's Day and Father's Day event in your school.  Here is what is included in both packs:

Muffins for Moms

If you are looking for resources to go with read alouds I also recently finished a Mother's Day version of my Read & Respond series to go with my favorite Mother's Day books.  Here is what you will find in that resource:

I am pretty much in love with the cute little dinosaur that goes with the T.Rex and the Mother's Day Hug story :)
Enjoy, and Happy Mother's Day to all you mommies out there!

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