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Happy first day of fall! I'm joining a great group of blogging friends today to share some fall fun and I wanted to share some great fall books and fun freebies to go with them.

Finding a good nonfiction book to use with kinders can be tough! I always look for books with real nonfiction features that I can use for teaching points.  I also try to find books that are short and simple enough for my students to understand without being overwhelmed by the amount of information. One of my favorite resources for finding these books is scholastic! They often have thematic packs of "Science Vocabulary Readers" that are perfect for primary classes.

Colorful Leaves By: Maria Fleming is one of the books in this awesome series and is a great addition to learning about leaves.
 The pictures in this book are beautiful!
 It begins with a table of contents, so I like to point out text features whenever I can! Students will learn about leaf shapes, what leaves do, and a leaf's life. We discuss how in nonfiction books you don't always have to read the entire book cover to cover.  The table of contents can help you find just the information you are looking for, a great researching skill!
 I really like that the leaf shape section shows that leaves aren't just on trees!
 The students can clearly learn a lot from just the photographs on this page. I have them draw different leaf shapes that they didn't know about before after viewing this page.
 This and other books in this series have new vocabulary in red with a definition on the page as well as in the glossary.
 The photo, captions, close up and drawing on this page are more great examples of helpful text features I point out to my students. We discuss how and what we learned from each of these features.

The glossary in the back is a great reference for the new vocabulary in this book.  The comprehension questions aren't great, but are good for basic recall.

I created some graphic organizers to use with this book that could be used with other leaf books as well.  You can grab them here free!

Another one of my favorite fall topics to teach is Apples! If you teach apples in the fall, here is my FAVORITE book for teaching about this topic. There is so much information crammed into this little book.

Apples, Apples, Apples by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace
I love this chart about the different types of apples.
This diagram of the parts of apples is great.
This explanation on how apples are grown from seeds is simple but informative.

I always make applesauce with my class, so I like that this book has a recipe to follow. 
There are also directions for making apple prints.
I created a few freebies to go along with this book.  You can download them for free here.

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  1. That apple book is something I need to purchase asap!

    Thanks so much for participating in the hop!

    1. Thanks for checking out my fall favorites :)


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