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The bundle above has been getting a HUGE makeover for the last few months. As much as I love themed centers, I just can never seem to keep up with changing them out at the right time.  Not to mention how crazy it makes me when I have the PERFECT center for a skill we are practicing only to realize that it is covered in snowflakes and its the middle of May. And my type A self just cannot handle that. Plus to make matters worse every class I have ends up having different needs at different times throughout the year. So having the perfect center in every theme just isn't something that is reasonable for me. So about a year or so ago I decided to create math center packs based on skill sets in year round themes.

I loved them, but they were in need of some major TLC and I had SOOOO many ideas for more centers to add. For real, here are some before and after pictures if you don't believe me!

Whew so much better. Okay now that I got that off my chest, let me give you a peek into the 20 differentiated centers included in the number sense set.

First each center includes a center rotation label (perfect for displaying in a pocket chart with student names), a teacher info sheet (I use this as a reference when introducing each center and keep it in the center bin for storage, "I can..." sheet (with picture cues to help students remember what to do), math talk cards (to lead conversations), and printable game cards/boards/spinners and response sheets. All of the centers are easily differentiated for the different levels of students in your class. There are 2-3 levels included with each center.
Pocket Chart Rotation Labels
 In "Mousey Memory Match" and "Here Fishy Fishy", students practice matching numbers to sets.

 With "Super Sticker Number Lines," students practice number order and one to one correspondence in creating their own number lines.

 In "Roaring Roll and Write," Students practice identifying and writing numbers. You can even grab this center as a FREEBIE here!

 In "Sundae Sorting," students put numbers in order, practice one to one correspondence and match numbers to sets of objects.

 In "Climb to the Top," students practice recognizing and counting numbers to race to the finish.

 In "Race to Trace," students roll and write numbers practicing identification and formation of numbers.

 "Animal Actions," gets students up and moving at center. They pick a card and roll a die to determine how many of an animal action they should do, then create a graph of what exercises they complete.

 With the "Carnival Counting" books, students read draw a and write numbers to use as a reference in the future.

 In "Buzzing Before & After" and "Picnic Puzzles," students develop number sense by identifying numbers both before and after a given number.

 In "Order Up," students put numbers in order then draw pizza toppings to match each number.

 In "Monkey Mysteries," students practice counting on from a given number.

 In "Clever Comparisons," "Surfing Sort & Compare," and "Spiders Spin to Win," students learn to compare numbers to determine which is more or less.

 "Royal Numberland" is another fun way to practice identifying numbers.

 Students practice one to one correspondence and number writing with "Dragon Dump."

 Another great game for number order practice is "Ninja Number Toss."

 And finally for those that love to draw, these "Build a Picture" centers are perfect for identifying numbers.

And all of that fits in one neat little bin, just add dice, a few counters, some crayons and pencils and you are set to go!
Can you believe all of that is included in just one of the 5 sets you get in this huge bundle?!?! The other sets include 20 centers each as well so trust me when I say you will never need to buy another center set again. I've made sure that every common core standard and more is covered in multiple ways to keep kids practicing. Thanks so much for checking them out, and happy shopping!
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