I just love everything about fall. Apple picking, pumpkin farms, and of course trick or treating. I can't wait to dress Madelynn up and take her out  Trick or Treating this year now that she'll actually be able to run around on her own, but that's still a few weeks away. So for now I'm  super excited to share an awesome weekend of Teaching Tricks and Treats with you!  There are a ton of amazing teachers linked up over at The Elementary Entourage to share their tricks and treats with you too!
 If you are planning a fun classroom party for Halloween, (or really any holiday) you know how crazy excited the kids can get. And sometimes all of that chaos can get out of hand and you'll do anything for a few minutes of calm to regain your sanity.  Well that's why I almost always have a go to quiet activity planned for party days. Now don't worry, quiet doesn't have to = no fun because my kiddos LOVE to play BINGO especially when prizes are involved.  But finding and prepping a bingo game sometimes can be a hassle so here is how I quickly create a bingo game for anything I need.

1. Print out blank bingo boards for each student.
2. Give each student a sheet of paper with squares filled with the content you want to use.  For Halloween this may be fun Halloween clip art, or for normal days you might use numbers, letters, sight words etc.  You can create and print them on the computer in a simple 5x5 table. Or you can use a copy of the blank bingo board, hand write your content and copy it.
3. Students cut out the squares and glue them onto their boards randomly so every board is different. This saves a million hours of creating 30 randomized bingo boards for your kiddos and has the added bonus of a little quiet fine motor practice.
**Full Disclosure: I am insanely OCD about my kiddos cutting skills, because it makes me crazy when it takes them an hour to cut out each individual square.  We use Words Their Way sorts so my kids have to cut out the word sorts every week. I use this as an opportunity to teach them these quick cutting strategies. #1-Cut all of the white paper around the outside of the square off.  #2-Cut down the long straight lines of each row to create strips.  #3-Snip each strip along the short lines to finish off the little squares.  Also I teach my kids to put all of their pieces in their crayon box as they go, so they don't get mixed up with their friends, fall on the floor, or get eaten by the mysterious paper monster. Am I crazy? Please tell me someone else puts this much thought into cutting in a kindergarten classroom?

Okay I digress...thanks for sticking with me people. On to what you really want, your treats!
First up, I have these free bingo board templates and cards for you all ready to go for Halloween as well as generic letter and number recognition.  You can grab those here:
Next, I am throwing a little sale on all of my Fall themed items. You can grab these and more great items at 20% through Sunday here:

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I'm joining a great group of bloggers today to share some Halloween/Fall crafty fun.

For our creations, we were given popcorn boxes donated by World Market, and  I just love all of the creative ideas everyone came up with. I may just have to go out and buy a few more so I can create more fabulous decor for October.  I decided to turn my box into a ghost and it was super easy to do!

First, I grabbed my box and a can of white spray paint and headed outside.
I turned the box upside down and started spraying.  I was glad I grabbed quick drying paint because it took several coats to cover the box without the red stripes showing through. After about 3 coats I was happy with the coverage.
 I let the paint set overnight and the next day I got busy creating the face.  All I used was a few googly eyes, some felt and ribbon.  I started by cutting the eyes and mouth from the black felt and tying a small bow with the ribbon.  Then I glued the pieces together to create the face and that's it!
Now, I just couldn't stop there because I LOVE popcorn and creating popcorn treats so I came up with a quick snack mix that I call "Boo Bites."

Here is what you need:
2 microwave bags, or 1/2 cup kernels - popcorn
1 1/2 Cup - pretzel pieces
12 oz - white candy melts
12 oz - Reese's Pieces (or Halloween colored M&M's, any variety)
Halloween sprinkles

How to make your Boo Bites:
1. Pop the popcorn and remove any unpopped kernels.
2. Add pretzel pieces and candy to the popcorn and toss to mix.
3. Melt the white candy melts according to package directions.
4. Drizzle the melted candy over the popcorn mixture a little at a time using a spatula to mix and evenly coat the pieces.
5. Pour popcorn mixture onto wax lined cookie sheets and sprinkle with Halloween sprinkles before the candy sets.
6. Allow to cool and then break apart into pieces and store in ziplocs or other airtight containers. Or if you are impatient like me, pop the pans in the fridge for a bit to speed up the hardening process :)

Want to win some fabulous prizes to get your own craft on? Enter here:
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Hi friends I can't wait to share some super quick, and easy DIY math centers for building number sense.  These are SOOO easy you probably already have everything you need in your house or classroom and could probably make all three in about a half hour.

1. Number Matching Spoons:
I saw a similar idea on Pinterest a while back using clear spoons and white spoons for matching letters and thought "Hey, I could totally use that for number matching!"

All you need to do is number a white set of spoons 1-20 (or whatever number you would like to go up to). Then on the clear set draw matching sets of dots for each number.  Make sure the numbers are close to the top so that there is plenty of room for your sets of dots near the bottom. 
Students can practice putting the numbers in order and matching the numbers to their sets.  When the clear spoon is on top of the white spoon, voila you can still see both! So smart, I love it!
After they are all matched, to build fluency, you could call out a number and see who can find and grab it the fastest.

2. Cupcake Tin Numbers
Here's another number sense idea that is SUPER easy I promise.  Grab a muffin or mini muffin tin depending on the difficulty of numbers you'd like students to practice.  I used a mini muffin tin so that I could include numbers to at least 20.  Then I numbered the inside of the cupcake liners 1-24.
 Students find the numbers and put them in order.
 Then for a number id game, have students set the tin on the floor and play "pom pom drop." Each student takes a turn drops a pom pom and then names the number that is covered. Since they can't see the number, they will have to work on different strategies to figure it out (counting on, counting back, or even just starting at 1 and counting up.)

You could use the same set up for practicing counting out a number of objects as well. With a mini muffin time the objects would have to be very small (bead, counters, etc.). Students could fill each cup with the correct number of items and visually see the size of each number, great for building number sense.

3. Grab and Compare:
 This center is the best because it literally requires ABSOLUTELY NO PREP! Do you have a tub of manipulatives? 2 popsicle sticks? Great, you're ready to play!
Each student grabs a handful of manipulatives and counts them out.  Students then decide who has more/less and use the popsicle sticks to show the inequality.  The student with the most wins and keeps both groups manipulatives.
 If both groups are equal students can put the manipulatives back in the tub and grab again.

4. Number Roll and Write:
Last, I have a little freebie for you. This is another "No Prep Needed" center.  Just print the graphs, grab some dice and students are ready to practice number recognition and writing.

You can download this center here:

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