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I love, okay I am obsessed with children's books. Take one look in my basement storage room and you'll see thousands of books that have found a new home since I left the classroom to stay home with my daughter.  When I find another great book, my mind is flooded with ideas for how to use that book for teaching and I just can't pass it up.  So I am really excited to join up with some fantastic teachers to share 12 perfect read alouds for the month of February.

February brings LOTS of special events, holidays, and dates so there are TONS of options to look for.  I'll be sharing a great book for Valentine's Day, but be sure to check out the other great books for Groundhogs Day, Presidents Day, and 100th Day too!
If you read Splat the Cat as a Back to School aloud, then your kiddos will already be in love with this fuzzy little friend.  
My class is always cracking up at his awkwardness but this book also shows Splat's lovable side as he reveals the big heart hiding under his disheveled exterior.
By February we have usually been working on making connections to the story for a few months and my class is getting pretty comfortable with this comprehension strategy.  Love, Splat is PERFECT for practicing this skill because Splat is so relatable. Students make adorable connections about people they like, valentines they've made or other awkwardness.
After we spend some time discussing the different types of connections and how they help us understand Splat and his feelings, we make our own adorable versions of Splat.  
We also tie this project into a quick writing prompt sharing our ideas about what love is. The responses to this prompt will surely melt your heart.
 (Love is...when I spend time with my family)
 (Love is...when my mom calls me her princess) 
 (Love is...when my dad has time to play with me on the Wii)

You can find all of these Splat related activities, along with activities for 4 other books here in my Read & Respond: Valentines Day Pack.
But wait there's more! You can enter to win 4 great books that you can use with your class next month.

a Rafflecopter giveaway And don't forget to check out the other books and teaching ideas for 11 more perfect read alouds. Take a peek and check some planning off your to do list!


  1. OMGoodness! That craftivity is precious! Super cute, Jessica! I've never read this book to my class, but I'm definitely going to this year!

    One Sharp Bunch

  2. This art project is absolutely precious! I pinned it to use this year as I already have this book!

  3. This craft is adorable! As always!! :)

  4. Oh my goodness, this is adorable! I have this book in my library, I must do these activities thanks!


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