Although we did talk about ovals a little bit, we took a little break from shapes this week and had some Easter themed fun. Here is what we had planned:

And here is what we actually did:
 Here are the 5 books that we used as our focus each day. 

Ten Easter Eggs by Vijaya Bodach
Peep and Egg by Laura Gehl
Happy Easter Mouse! by Laura Numeroff
Splat the Cat Where's the Easter Bunny? by Rob Scotton
If You're Hoppy by April Pulley Sayre

Spring Straw Bead Necklace:
I always see the cutest themed paper straws in the dollar spot, but never know what to do with them.Well I finally found a fantastic use for them this week! I cut them up into smaller pieces and we used them as beads to make necklaces. So pretty!
 Wet Chalk/Tape Easter Eggs:
I saw this idea floating around on Pinterest and was curious to see how the wet chalk effect would work.  It actually wasn't too messy and made it pretty easy for Madelynn to color on paper.  She dipped the chalk into a bowl of water and filled up the eggs that I had taped off. The only struggle was making sure she didn't get the paper too wet.
 Pom Pom Easter Egg Painting:
Painting with pom poms seems to keep M super focused on her task, this was a nice quiet activity that really held her concentration.
 Plastic Egg/Bunny Stamps:
We used plastic eggs in paint to make circles a few weeks ago so I thought we'd try it with a stamp pad this week.  The circles didn't really show up so well, but I found a cute bunny stamp that saved our project and Madelynn enjoyed making the bunny hop all over her paper.
 Egg Pom Pom Color Match:
I found these little felt egg pouches in the Target dollar spot and thought they'd make a cute color matching activity.  I found itty bitty pom poms in matching colors and Madelynn stuffed them in the matching color eggs.

 Bunny Hop:
I found these bunny ears last year and Madelynn likes to use them while playing dress up, so we pulled them out and played the bunny hop song lots this week.  She loved the game, not so much stopping to take a picture though ;)
 Easter Egg Letter Hunt:
I hid magnetic letters inside Easter eggs and tossed them all around the room for Madelynn to find.  She has really learned so many letters since we started Tot School I can't even believe it! I don't even focus much on explicitly teaching the letters other than pointing them out and finding them in books.  She loved opening the eggs to read the surprise letters.

 Chick Fruit Cup:
Sometimes the theme of the snack is simple.  I love that all I needed to do was draw a cute animal for this one and Madelynn was all excited for her little snack.
  Easter Bunny Popcorn Bars:
This was essentially the same recipe as rice krispy treats just with popcorn substituted for the cereal.  Then we added sprinkles and little cadbury mini eggs on top to make it more festive. These were so good we ate them for snack 3 days in a row, YUM!
  Bunny Pudding Cup:
Again I went for simple and drew this little bunny face, and added construction paper ears for a special treat.

  Easter Theme Bin #1:
Included in this bin: Easter Grass, Stretchy Bunnies, Plastic Eggs
 Easter Theme Bin #2:
Included in this bin: Black beans, mini chick and bunny erasers
 Easter Egg Putty:
I found these in the dollar spot again because apparently I need everything they stock there ;)
 Easter Theme Bin #3:
Included in this bin: water beads, LED tea lights, plastic eggs  This one was too much fun! We ended up skipping our last bin and playing with this one all weekend!
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And here are our plans for next week.  We are going to finish up learning about shapes with Triangles.

Oh my word, are we really thinking about April already?!?! My friends and I are sharing our favorite April Read Alouds (although Easter is actually in March this year) to help inspire some great ideas for your lesson plans.

Jan Brett is another one of my favorite authors. My students always love reading The Gigerbread Baby, The Mitten, and The Hat but did you know that she wrote a great book for Easter too? Here it is, my April book pick, The Easter Egg.
In this book everyone is making beautiful Easter Eggs, but Hoppi isn't having much luck. He really wants to make a special egg so he can help the Easter Bunny.
I really like using this book for comparing and contrasting.  Hoppi finds a robin's egg in the woods the he takes care of until Easter, so we compare Hoppi's egg with the beautifully decorated Easter eggs that everyone else has made.
I also like to use the story as inspiration for writing about what students would do if they were the Easter bunny.
And of course we add in this craftivity just for fun!

Some of my other favorite Easter activities include writing and planning an Easter egg hunt with Last One In is a Rotten Egg by Diane DeGroat.

How to Writing with Rechenka's Eggs by Patricia Polacco, 

And decorating our own eggs with this cute craftivity.

You can find all of these Easter activities, along with many more here in my Read & Respond: Easter Pack.

Don't forget to enter to win these 4 awesome April Read Alouds! 

And don't forget to check out the other books and teaching ideas for 11 more perfect April read alouds. Take a peek and check some planning off your to do list!

 We focused on rectangles this week as we work our way through the basic shapes. Here is what we had planned:
And here is what we actually did:
 Here are the 5 books that we used as our focus each day. 

Rectangles by Jennifer S Burke
Count My Rectangles: A rhyming and Counting Book  by Vanessa Rouse
Shapes, Shapes, Shapes by Tana Hoban
Mouse Shapes by Ellen Stoll Walsh
Color Zoo by Lois Ehlert
 Rectangle Paper Gluing and Stamping:
We definitely need more work with gluing, so we did the same activity as last week, but with rectangles this time. I cut up a bunch of bright colored rectangles and we glued them to a piece of paper for this easy little art project.
 Dot Stamp Recctanlges:
Madelynn LOVES her dot stampers, so we practiced making a rectangle this week.  I found the printables for each shape here.
 Rectangle Puzzles:
Madelynn loves her puzzles! so we did our rectangle puzzle and practiced the circle and square from the last two weeks too. I made these easy printables for each shape and you can grab them here.
 Rectangle Color, Trace and Draw:
Next we worked on our coloring, tracing, and drawing page. You can grab the printables here. Again I mostly just let her decide how she wanted to work on her rectangles and then did a little guiding with my hand over hers to draw a rectangle in the last box.

 We are repeating our gross motor activities for all of our shape weeks so you'll get a peek at the other activities in the next few weeks. Here is what we have done so far:

Shape Hopscotch:
I simply drew some shapes on the driveway, and let Madelynn jump from shape to shape. I also called out shapes for her to jump to which she thought was fun.
 Shape Scavenger Hunt:
For this activity I cut out a bunch of shapes from colored paper and hid them around the house. Madelynn searched for them and named the shapes she found. 
 Shape Roll and Hop:
It's been very wet and rainy here so we moved this activity indoors and I improvised with painters tape instead of sidewalk chalk.  I rolled a shape die and had Madelynn try to hop to that shape.
 Shape Turtle Toss:
Roll and Hop didn't hold M's attention for long so we moved right on to this activity with the same set up.  Madelynn  would stand back and throw a bean bag turtle at the shapes, then go retrieve it and name the shape.  Pretty easy and I love that 3/4 activities this week have basically the same set up!

 Being 35 weeks pregnant, I'm all about simple snacks these days so luckily rectangle foods are pretty easy to find.

Graham Crackers:
Nothing fancy here, literally just graham crackers, haha.

Fruit Strips:
I cut fruit strips into smaller bite sized rectangles for Madelynn. I like the Simply Balanced Organic Fruit Strips from Target.
 Cheesy Rectangles:
I usually buy these cheese squares for Madelynn from Target for snack so I made them into little rectangles that she could build with.  She's really into lining things up lately so that kept her pretty engaged.

 Size Sorting Sensory Bin:
Included in this bin: black beans, plastic rectangles big & small, cups, scoops, sorting mat.
 Shape Sorting Sensory Bin:
Included in this bin: cotton balls, shape buttons, foam shapes, plastic shapes,tongs, sorting mat.
 Play Dough Rectangles:
I helped M out by making a bunch of littel "snakes" for her to build with.  She made some rectangles and other shapes too this week, then filled them in with smaller snakes.
 Shaving Cream Rectangles:
I actually ditched the shaving cream, for blue foam soap. It smelled amazing and added a little sensory experience. Madelynn drew rectangles and other shapes with some help from me and just played with the soap too.
Color Sorting Sensory Bin:
Included in this bin: popcorn seeds, circle, square, and rectangle buttons, colored bowls, scoops, and cups.
And that's it! If you want to catch up on the other tot school posts you can check them out here:

And here are our plans for next week.  We are going to work a little bit with ovals, but mostly just have some Easter themed fun!

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