Tot School Tuesday: Chicka Chicka 123

It's Tot School Tuesday...on a Thursday.  Okay so I'm a bit late this week with my weekly tot school summary, but life got real crazy over here.  Unfortunately a family member passed away suddenly and everything was put on hold around here. We left yesterday morning and drove 10 hours down to Kentucky and will be driving a few more hours over to Tennessee tomorrow. So needless to say my mind has been elsewhere. But we really did have a lot of fun with our theme last week and I have a few minutes to myself, so here we go!

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Here were our plans for Chicka Chicka 123 Week:

And we had to skip quite a few activities, but here is what we actually did get to this week:
Chicka Chicka Story and Felt Board:
We read Chicka Chicka 1 2 3 every day this week. Madelynn practiced counting to 20 with the numbers in the front of the book and we used felt numbers and our coconut tree to retell the story. Side note: I know it is an apple tree in the story, but it was much easier just to use the coconut tree for all of our activities than create an apple tree. and Madelynn didn't seem to mind ;)

Snip & Glue Tree: 
This was a repeat of last week's tree craft just with number stickers instead of letter stamps. For this tree I precut the leaves and had Madelynn snip each one for a palm tree texture.  Then she glued the pieces onto a white piece of paper and added number stickers (which I forgot to take a picture of).

Sort and Count Bottles:
I created these bottles earlier this year for Madelynn to use to practice identifying numbers and thought this would be the perfect time to pull them back out. To make the bottles I used empty water bottles, wrapped them with a piece of colored felt and hot glued it together on the back side. Then hot glued a number cut out to the front.  Madelynn practiced counting and sorting the colored pom poms into each bottle for some great fine motor and math practice.

Peg Board Numbers:
I bought this set of Peg-It Number Boards for my classroom my very first year teaching.  They are great for number recognition, counting, sorting, stacking and fine motor skills.  Madelynn plays with these a lot on a daily basis so I thought it would be a great time to pull them out and really focus on the counting and number recognition.

Secret Number Painting:
Have you ever used a white crayon on Easter eggs to create designs before dying them? I used to think that was SO cool as a kid, and that's what inspired this little activity. Madelynn loves to paint so I put together this super easy to prep secret number painting activity for her. All I did was write numbers all over a piece of paper with a white crayon and then let Madelynn paint the page with watercolors. She loved uncovering each number so much I actually had to quickly make another page so she could keep painting!

Coconut Tree Snacks:
Thanks again Pinterest for saving the day with these coconut tree inspired snacks. Madelynn enjoyed making and playing with her food :)

Number Mac & Cheese:
I also found this awesome Mac & Cheese this week so we just had to have it for lunch one day too. There is an ABC version too so I might have to go back and stock up on more to dye for sensory bins. I looked for ABC pasta for last week online and it is hard to find and really expensive so buying a bunch of $1 mac and cheese would definitely be a cheaper option!

Number Puzzle Hunt:
Madelynn loved our puzzle bin last week so this week I hid the pieces to her number puzzle in a bin full of popcorn for her to hunt for.  She definitely thought this was a little more exciting than just dumping and putting the puzzle back together.

Play Dough Numbers:
You can never go wrong with play dough in our house so for this sensory activity, we used our number cookie cutters and Play Dough Tools for a little number practice.

Coconut Play Dough Trees:
This play dough from last week smelled so yummy we had to use it again! I used packaged play dough mixed with coconut extract for this activity.  Madelynn had mostly free play but I encouraged her to build trees and then use the number magnets to climb the trees.

Chicka Chicka 123 Bin:
This bin was going to be for matching numbers but I just didn't have the time this week to create any printables, so Madelynn happily had free play time with the colored rice, foam numbers, and itty bitty cups for scoops.

And there you go! We had another busy and fun filled week.

So clearly we are super busy this week and taking a little break from tot school, but I already had all my plans made and prepped at home for the next 2 weeks so we are going to modify our calendar a little bit.  I just pushed everything back a week and combined pumpkins and Halloween.  Here is the new calendar:

 And here is what we have planned for next 2 weeks for our Fall and Weather themes:

And if you want to catch up on our past Tot School Plans, you can find them all here:


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