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I know it's not even Christmas yet and many of you are probably just trying to hold on to your sanity until break, but when you have the time my blogging friends and I are here to help you check some January planning off your list. These 12 books are perfect for January so come check out all the awesome lesson ideas, activities and more!

I try to incorporate nonfiction all year, but we really up our nonfiction reading in January when my little kindergartners comprehension skills are starting to take off. So this month my favorite book is a nonfiction reader about Penguins.

National Geographic Kids readers are so perfect for the primary classroom because they always include fantastic photos alongside easy to understand information. I love that they usually include tons of text features to help my students learn about the topic a well. 
In January I really dive into student led inquiry learning with my students and one of my favorite projects is our Antarctica research.  While students are looking for information, one of the things I really try to emphasize is just how much we can learn from pictures in non fiction books. 

Here are a few examples of how students can use the pictures in non fiction books to gain information even if they cannot yet read the words.

I created these 3 leveled response sheets to go with this book for kindergarten-2nd grade.

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