10 Ways to Play with Pouch Lids {Sensory Summer}

Confession: I'm a pouch lid hoarder...Anyone else with me? I don't know about you but we go through food pouches in this house like crazy, especially in the summer when we are always in the car needing quick and easy snacks on the go. This means we have tons of those little circle tops everywhere!! So this week our #sensorysummer bin is filled with pouch lids!

If you want to gather all of your materials before you start, we found almost everything else we needed at Target or on Amazon. Here are all the materials we used:

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Lots of Food Pouch Lids
Colored Cups
Colored Bowls
Lacing String
Sidewalk Chalk
Empty Wipe Tubs
Under Bed Clear Storage Bin
Squirt Guns
 Pouch Lid Sorting:
We started out the week by throwing all the pouch lids I've been hoarding in our under bed clear storage bin with a little bit of water since it was a hot, sunny day.  Then we used this set of colored cups to sort them by color. I added in a few slotted spoons to make scooping and grabbing lids a bit more challenging too.
Pouch Lid Counting:
For this activity I wrote the numbers 1-10 on the ground with sidewalk chalk and placed a colored bowl above each of the numbers.  Madelynn counted out the corresponding number of lids for each one to make a little number line.
  Pouch Lid Stacking:
Next up we did some lid stacking. We had 2 different types of lids in our bin and we experimented with stacking the same type and different types mixed together to see what worked best. Even Miss Aubrey was able to stack a few independently before knocking them down.
 Pouch Lid Patterns:
We haven't worked with patterns much so I did a lot of modeling here to help Madelynn get the concept. I started with a few AB lid patterns and asked her to finish them.  Then I made an AAB pattern for her to finish.  She started to get the idea, but we definitely could use more pattern work!
 Pouch Lid Threading:
Our pouch lids had the perfect size little openings for threading with lacing string.  This was a bit too small for Aubrey's little 1 year old fine motor skills, so I threaded a few for her and tied the ends together.  She had fun sliding the lids back and forth on her "necklace" while Madelynn worked hard to fill her entire string.
 Pouch Lid Number Writing:
For this activity I wrote numbers 1-5 on the ground with sidewalk chalk and Madelynn built each one with lids. Aubrey tried to help too, but mostly drove Madelynn crazy by picking them up and moving them around. Gotta love little sisters right? 
 Pouch Lid Stuffing:
Another thing I just can't seem to toss are those empty wipe containers.  You just never know when you'll need them for some fine motor fun ;)  This activity was simple. Grab, stuff, repeat.  Madelynn made it into a little race to see if she could fill hers faster than Aubrey. I'll let you guess who won...
 Pouch Lid Racing:
For this activity we took all the lids out of our under bed clear storage bin and filled it with water Next, we each picked a color and placed it on one end of the bin.  Then, we used water blaster squirt guns to suck up water and try to spray our lid to the other side. I had to help Aubrey get started but the water blasters we found at Target were super easy to push and spray so she was able to it mostly independently.
 Pouch Lid Art:
This activity was perfectly open ended. I invited the girls to create their own pictures with lids and modeled a few ideas to get them started.  Madelynn made shapes and Aubrey liked filling them in.  They worked together to make a house, sun, cloud, and flower.
 Pouch Lid Rainbow:
Definitely my favorite activity of the week because it just turned out so gorgeous! I drew the lines with chalk for the girls to sort and build this beautiful rainbow.  I really didn't want to take it down when they finished!

Do you have a million pouch lids laying around too? I'd love to hear your creative pouch lid ideas, leave me a message with your favorite way to play!

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