Book Talk Tuesday: Pumpkins

I'm back with another book to share for Mrs. Jump's Book Talk Tuesday. This week I wanted to share another great fall book and some fun activities to go with it.

If you read last week's post, then you'll recognize that this book is in the same Science Vocabulary Reader series from Scholastic as the Colorful Leaves book I shared.

Perfect Pumpkins by Jeff Bauer, is another awesome book in this series and is perfect for starting out your pumpkin unit.
 This book is filled with great images of real pumpkins.
As with all books in this series, it begins with a simple table of contents. Students will learn about pumpkins and their parts, how pumpkins grow, and pumpkin treats. 
 I really like the diagram of a pumpkin on this page, its a great visual of the inside of a pumpkin without having to slice one yourself.
Next, students learn about the life cycle of a pumpkin. I love the lopsided pumpkins on this page. :)
 My kiddos always get a kick out of this giant pumpkin!
This last section is great for starting a discussion about what pumpkin treats students have tried, and what they like to do with pumpkins in the fall.

to go along with the last part of the book, I usually bring pumpkin seeds in to try. I have students do a survey of their friends to find out if they like to eat pumpkin seeds.
We also do a taste test with apple and pumpkin pie.  Then students again survey their friends to find out which type they like best.

Both of these graphs are a part of my Survey and Graph pack that includes over 60 survey options to use throughout the year in your classroom.
I also use this pumpkin sort and graph activity in math centers.
This activity is part of my Sort and Graph Pack that includes over 30 sorting and graphing activities for use in whole group, small group or centers throughout the year.
Thanks so much for stopping by to check them out!

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