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Are you looking for ideas for Earth Day? Well you are in the right place! I am bringing you my favorite books, printables, and Pinterest finds today to help you check those Earth day plans off your to do list!
Here is a quick summary of each of my favorite books for Earth Day:
Michael Recycle by Ellie Bethel - Michael Recycle, a Earth conscious superhero, flies into Aberdoo-Rimey just in time to warn the townspeople about the importance of recycling.
The Earth Book by Todd Parr - In this book, Todd Parr uses his signature bright colors and playful illustrations to discuss simple and important ways we can work together to be kind to our Earth.
Energy Island by Allan Drummond - This is an inspriational true story of how the citizens of Samso, Denmark worked together to conserve energy through wind power and help our Earth.
The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein - This classic story about a tree who loves a little boy is perfect for Earth Day and leads to great discussion about what trees give to us and how important it is to protect them.
The Wump World by Bill Pete - The sweet "wump" creatures in this story love their lush green world, until they are invaded by the Pollutians that are on a mission to take over the land.  But the ending gives hope that all is not lost.
The Wartville Wizard by Don Madden - The town of Wartville is covered in litter until one man discovers he can transform his town with his {humorous} magical powers.
The Lorax by Dr. Seuss - The whimsical story of the near extinction of truffula trees and the importance of conservation is a must on my Earth Day reading list.
The Busy Beaver by Nicholas Oldland - This careless beaver doesn't take care of his forest habitat until some friends teach him the importance of caring for others and the world around us.
Curious George Plants a Tree by Monica Perez - George has great intentions to do all that he can to help the Earth but as usual he gets himself into a bit of trouble along the way.
It's Earth Day (Little Critter) by Mercer Mayer - After watching a video at school, Little Critter makes it his mission to make a difference and slow down global warming.

Next I wanted to share with you my favorite go to resources for celebrating and learning about Earth Day in the classroom.
Earth Day Read & Respond -  I just finished creating this pack with activities for 5 of my favorite picture books above (The Earth Book by Todd Parr, Michael Recycle by Ellie Bethel, The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein, The Wump World by Bill Pete, and Curious George Plants a Tree by Monica Perez) First, it includes comprehension skills practice for each story (activating background knowledge, asking questions, recording new learning, cause & effect, retelling, visualizing, and story elements) Next it includes 5 writing activities, both narrative and informative, and 2 adorable craftivities with printable patterns and easy to follow directions.
Earth Day from A Year of Many Firsts - This fantastic packet includes a True/False Motivator Activity (with real pictures), "Don't Be a Litter Monster!" story, All About The Three R's mini-book, "Whole World In Your Hand' Craft, Vocabulary Cards, and so MANY different Earth Day writing activities and graphic organizers. Check it out!
Earth Day Reader with Writing Activities by A Teachable Teacher - Here is another adorable interactive Earth Day Reader, "We Can Help the Earth" (First, Next, Last) writing prompt, "I Love Nature" Fold & Snip Book, "I Love the Earth" (First, Next, Last) writing prompt, "On Earth (I see, smell, hear, taste, see)" writing prompt, and EARTH acrostic poem
Last up are just a few of my favorite Pinterest finds!
Trash Rainbow Collage from No Time for Flash Cards - Practice reusing and recycling with this adorable spring craft!
Earth Day Cupcakes from Hello Mess - How cute would these little cupcakes be for some Earth Day celebrating?
Anchor Charts from Mrs Tehune - Because seriously, who doesn't love a good anchor chart? There are even more ideas on her blog if you follow the link!
Oil Spill Experiment from Almost Unschoolers - Love this hands on, visual of how oil spils affect wildlife and how difficult it is to clean up.
Reduce and Recycle Experiment from Little Warriors - Students simulate recycling tires with cereal and turn them into a new road. So much great hands on learning here!

I hope you found some books, resources and new ideas to try! If you are looking for more Earth Day ideas on pinterest check out my entire Earth Day Board here.

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