Baby Bins: Green Theme

This week was all about frogs, dinosaurs and little green peas with our GREEN baby bin theme.

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Here is a look at what we have planned for our first 6 color themed baby bins:
Tons of color themed activities and ideas. Weekly plan includes themed book, sensory bin, art activities, and more! These Baby Bin plans are perfect for learning with little ones between 12-24 months old.
Here are the details for each of our activities:
Green Read Aloud:
I have always loved the books in the "Peas" series so I knew Little Green Peas: A Big Book of Colors by Keith Baker would be perfect for our green theme. The little green peas go on a rainbow adventure in this book visiting each color, so it is a great review of the colors we've focused on so far as well.
Green Sensory Bin:
Trees (from our train set)
Play Food (peas, grapes, peppers, limes, cucumbers, etc.)
Semi Circle Puzzle Card

Play ideas for this bin:
1. Find all of the dinosaurs and giant turtle.
2. Put together the green semi circle puzzle card.
3. Find all of the food, and feed it to mommy. 
4. Build a dinosaur house with blocks.
5. Read the small green board book.

Green Theme Poky Play:
For this activity, we worked on building fine motor strength. I gave Aubrey a block of floral foam, green pipe cleaners and large/small green popsicle sticks and she went to town poking them into the foam. I placed everything in a bin full of green shredded paper to contain it all.  Aubrey also decided it was fun to hide the sticks in the paper and play peek a boo with them.

Little Green Peas Sticker Pictures:
Our next activity went along with our Little Green Peas story for the week. I gave Aubrey paper, green crayons, and lots of green dot stickers for little green peas.  She is still having trouble peeling stickers independently so I peeled them and stuck them to the edge of our clear tray for her to grab so she could be more independent in her artwork.
Green Theme Water Play:
Aubrey LOVES playing in water, after she had so much fun with last week's yellow themed water bin, I knew I had to add another one this week. I filled our bin with warm water, then added frogs, lily pads (cut from foam sheets), cups and bowls. Aubrey had a great time dumping, splashing, exploring and getting everything wet. I laid a few towels down first, but it's safe to say everything was soaked by the time she was done. ;)
Green Color Collage:
At the end of each color week we are making a color collage that I will put together in a book for Aubrey to flip through.

To make the green book page, I first cut out a large rectangle from the center of 2 pieces of green  cardstock. Then I cut two pieces of contact paper that were slightly bigger than the green rectangles.

  I took the backing off of one piece of contact paper and stuck one rectangle on it.  Then I gave Aubrey a tray full of green pictures, stickers, sequins, and feathers to create a green collage.

After she was finished, I glued the second green rectangle on top of the first and pressed the remaining piece of contact paper over the top to seal the collage inside. Next, I trimmed the excess contact paper around the green rectangle.  I hole punched the top corner and add it to a small metal ring with our red, orange, and yellow collage pages to form a unique color flip book.

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