Baby Bins: Black

We are nearing the end of our color themed baby bins and this week was all about BLACK! Not the most exciting color, but I promise we had lots of fun thinking of creative ways to play with black.
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Here is a look at what we have planned for our second set of 6 color themed baby bins:

Here are the details for each of our activities:
Black Read Aloud:
Ten Black Dots by Donald Crews has been a favorite of mine for a while.  I always used it as a counting book in kindergarten, but the board book version made a great black themed book for our baby bins. I like that it will also introduce counting to Aubrey at the same time.
 Black Sensory Bin:
Black Beans
Felt Spiders
Square Puzzle Card

Play ideas for this bin:
1. Put together a black square puzzle. 
2. Find all of the spider rings.
3. Find all of the bats and count them.
4. Find all of the animals.
5. Use the felt spiders to act out the song “There’s a Spider in the Floor.”
6. Play and scoop the beans to make a giant mess.
Stuff the Bottle:
For this activity, we worked on building fine motor skills by stuffing black pom poms, cut up straws, and foam rectangles into an empty water bottle. Super simple to prep and you could really use any small black items you have on hand.  Aubrey equally enjoyed shaking the bottle at the end to get all of the items back out.
Ten Black Dots Sensory Bag:
To make this easy Ten Black Dotss inspired sensory bag start by filling a resealable bag with clear hair gel. Add black glitter and black foam circles. Seal bag, then squish the circles around, count and play. Also Madelynn (4 yo) totally called me out on the fact that there were more than 10 in our bag, so apparently I should have counted them first before adding them to the bag. ;) 
Zebra Marble Painting:
For a little painting fun, we turned these horses into zebras.  I taped the outline inside a shallow box then dropped in a marble and a few blobs of black paint.  Aubrey shook the box back and forth to roll the marbles all around. If you are worried about flying marbles covered in paint, you may want to use a box with a lid. Trust me, it's bound to happen. I may or may not have been nailed in the face with a paint soaked marble while creating these cuties...  Our box didn't have a lid so my last minute solution was covering the box with press and seal.
Black Color Collage:
At the end of each color week we are making a color collage that I will put together in a book for Aubrey to flip through.

To make the black book page, I first cut out a large rectangle from the center of 2 pieces of black cardstock. Then I cut two pieces of contact paper that were slightly bigger than the black rectangles.

  I took the backing off of one piece of contact paper and stuck one rectangle on it.  Then I gave Aubrey a tray full of black pictures, stickers, sequins, and feathers to create a black collage.

After she was finished, I glued the second black rectangle on top of the first and pressed the remaining piece of contact paper over the top to seal the collage inside. Next, I trimmed the excess contact paper around the rectangle.  I hole punched the top corner and added it to a small metal ring with our red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, and brown collage pages to form a unique color flip book.

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