Baby Bins: Brown

This week was all about chocolate, mud, and teddy bears. Brown is not exactly a color I was excited to teach about, but I came up with some really fun ideas (like painting with chocolate!) that made brown just as fun and exciting as PINK was last week. 
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Here is a look at what we have planned for our next 6 color themed baby bins:

Here are the details for each of our activities:
Pink Read Aloud:
Our brown read aloud was a no brainer. I chose Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? because of the title, but also because it was a great review of all the colors.  I used the last page to point to each animal and reinforce the color words with Aubrey.  The only color she knows 100% of the time is pink, but she is starting to say other color words so I know they are starting to sink in a bit.
Brown Sensory Bin:
Play Food (chicken, pretzels, mushrooms, bread, etc.)
Pentagon Puzzle Card

Play ideas for this bin:
1. Put together a brown pentagon puzzle card.
2. Put together Mrs. Potato Head.
3. Find all of the food. Feed it to Mrs. Potato Head.
4. Find all of the animals.
5. Use the blocks to build towers. 
6. Put on an animal puppet show.
Brown Bear Sticky Window Puzzles:
To prep this fun fine motor activity, I printed pictures of the animals from the book then sliced each one in half.  Then I taped contact paper to a sunny window sticky side out. Aubrey chose a piece then tried to find the matching half.  Using the sticky paper made it easier for her to match the pieces together and hold them in place instead of just matching them on the table or floor which can be frustrating for her when the slide around.
Chocolate Bear Painting:
For this baby safe painting activity, I made chocolate paint by mixing cocoa powder with water.  It was seriously so easy to make! I added water until it reached a paint like consistency.
After the paint was all mixed up I put a few scoops in a plastic dish and Aubrey used a brush to paint a bear printable brown. The paint smelled AMAZING, but because it was unsweetened cocoa powder it definitely didn't taste yummy which was good for discouraging tasting.
Pigs in Mud Sensory Bin:
Aubrey is still not crazy about getting messy, so i tried to mix both messy and clean play together with this pigs in mud bin. To make the mud I again mixed together cocoa powder and water in a large bin until it made a mud like consistency.  Then I added a few fruit cups filled with water and some plastic pigs. Aubrey washed the pigs and dumped and poured the cups of water.
Brown Color Collage:
At the end of each color week we are making a color collage that I will put together in a book for Aubrey to flip through.

To make the brown book page, I first cut out a large rectangle from the center of 2 pieces of brown cardstock. Then I cut two pieces of contact paper that were slightly bigger than the brown rectangles.

  I took the backing off of one piece of contact paper and stuck one rectangle on it.  Then I gave Aubrey a tray full of brown pictures, stickers, sequins, and feathers to create a brown collage.

After she was finished, I glued the second brown rectangle on top of the first and pressed the remaining piece of contact paper over the top to seal the collage inside. Next, I trimmed the excess contact paper around the rectangle.  I hole punched the top corner and added it to a small metal ring with our red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink collage pages to form a unique color flip book.

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  1. Hello, I first just want to say thank you for all of your hard work and sharing it. I wanted to know where did you get the brown bear picture printouts from?
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