Baby Bins: Halloween

This week we took another break from our color themed baby bins to explore pumpkins, ghosts, and monsters with our HALLOWEEN baby bin theme.
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Here are the details for each of our Halloween activities:
Halloween Read Aloud:
One of the first songs Aubrey would sing and play along with was "If You're Happy and You Know It." So I found this If You're Spooky and You Know It book, by Aly Fronis that follows the same tune with a Halloween twist.  Aubrey loved clapping, jumping, and stomping along with skeletons, witches werewolves and more! It was a great little book for getting the wiggles out for sure.
Halloween Sensory Bin:

Play ideas for this bin:
1. Fill pumpkins with pom poms and stir with glow sticks
2. Sort bats and spiders.
3. Light up all of the pumpkins with LED lights.
4. Fill the pumpkins with spiders.

Halloween Chalk Art:
I planned to make chalk art with just Aubrey but her big sister wanted to join in on the fun too!
We made an orange pumpkin, white ghost, and colorful monsters by using chalk on black paper. I drew an outline for the pumpkins, but the monster and ghost I just had the girls scribble all over the page to create their pictures. Afterwards they glued shapes and eyes on top. I’m loving the 4 year old and 1 year old versions of the same project.
Feed the Color Monsters:
To prepare this activity I drew colored monsters on an empty cardboard box, then glued on lots of eyes and cut a small hole for the mouth.  Next I filled a bin with colored pom poms for Aubrey to sort and push into the mouths of the matching  monster.  This activity was great for color recognition and fine motor practice even if she didn't always match the colors to the correct monster.
Squishy Witches Brew:
In this bin: water, gelatin Halloween shapes, plastic spider rings, spoons, bowls

Directions to make the gelatin shapes for this bin:
2 cups cool water
3 envelopes Knox Gelatine 
Food coloring
Halloween Shaped silicone molds
Cooking spray

To make the squishy shapes, coat the molds in cooking spray to prevent sticking. Pour water in a small pan and add plain gelatin. Wait a couple of minutes and then heat gelatin, stirring until it’s dissolved. Color gelatin with food coloring and spoon into molds. I separated out clear for the ghosts first, then divided the rest into 2 cups to dye orange and black. Pop molds into the fridge for a few hours until set. Pop the shapes out, and use them to mix stir and add to the witches brew.
Halloween Cheerios Play Book:
For our last activity I found this adorable Cheerios Halloween Play Book. On each page there were place for Aubrey to add Cheerios to the pictures. She loved making glasses for the black cats, buckles for the witches' hats, and completing other fun Halloween scenes. Of course eating lots of Cheerios was a bonus for this snack time activity.

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