Baby Bins: Gray

I can't believe we are finishing up our last color bin! We are going to take a break from colors for some holiday fun, then we will celebrate all of our color earning with a rainbow theme. But until then, get excited about gray!
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Here is a look at what we planned for our second set of 6 color themed baby bins:

Here are the details for each of our activities:
Gray Read Aloud:
One Gray Mouse by Katherine Burton was a great book for our baby bins because it not only reviewed the colors, but also focused on counting and animals.  Never too early to start embedding that math vocabulary!
Gray Sensory Bin:
Play ideas for this bin:
1. Find the gray animals 
2. Make pretend cookies.
3. Put on the silver jewelry.
4. Read the Gray Mouse book.
5. Vacuum up the paper shreds for days.

Gray Poky Play:
We've done the pipe cleaner and strainer activity before, but for our gray theme I pulled out just the silver pipe cleaners and silver colaner. Aubrey worked on building fine motor skills by poking the silver pipe cleaners into the strainer. I cut the pipe cleaners in half so they were a bit easier to poke through without bending. Easy easy quiet activity.
Mouse Paint in a Bag:
For this baby safe painting activity, I drew a mouse outline on a ziplock bag then added a few drops of white and black paint. Then, I sealed it up for some fun no mess and no stress painting. Aubrey used her fingers, sponges and foam brushes to smush the paint around and mix it together to make gray.
Gray Foil Painting:
For some more color mixing, I made a batch of white and black cornstarch finger paint and we used it to paint on aluminum foil. Aubrey used various brushes and even her fingers to mix and create fun textures.

To make this taste safe paint, mix cornstarch with water. I don't actually measure it at all! I just put a scoop of cornstarch in a bowl and add warm water slowly, mixing often until I reach the consistency I'm going for. Not too watery but not so stiff you can't stir it, then add food coloring.  Make sure to stir the paint often while using as it may settle at the bottom of the bowl. 
Gray Color Collage:
At the end of each color week we are making a color collage that I will put together in a book for Aubrey to flip through.

To make the gray book page, I first cut out a large rectangle from the center of 2 pieces of gray cardstock. Then I cut two pieces of contact paper that were slightly bigger than the gray rectangles.

  I took the backing off of one piece of contact paper and stuck one rectangle on it.  Then I gave Aubrey a tray full of gray pictures, stickers, sequins, and feathers to create a gray collage.

After she was finished, I glued the second gray rectangle on top of the first and pressed the remaining piece of contact paper over the top to seal the collage inside. Next, I trimmed the excess contact paper around the rectangle.  I hole punched the top corner and added it to a small metal ring with our red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown, black, and white collage pages to form a unique color flip book.

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