Baby Bins: White

Just one more color left in our color themed baby bins and this week was all about WHITE! I was hoping we might have a little snow to explore this week, but our winter has been unusually warm so far, but I'm not complaining! We will have plenty of cold and snow here soon I'm sure.
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Here is a look at what we have planned for our second set of 6 color themed baby bins:

Here are the details for each of our activities:
White Read Aloud:
White Rabbit's Color Book by Alan Baker was the perfect white themed book for our baby bins. It was great for reviewing the colors we have learned so far and introducing color mixing.
White Sensory Bin:

Play ideas for this bin:
1. Find the white vehicles and drive them around.
2. Build a towers with connecting cubes.
3. Find all of the animals.
4. Find all of the food and feed the animals.
5. Not pictured: Dump the entire bin and watch the balls roll everywhere....
Stuff the Snowman:
For this activity, we worked on building fine motor skills by stuffing mini marshmallows into an empty water bottle that I decorated to look like a snowman. Super simple to prep just use a little hot glue, buttons, ribbon, googly eyes and felt.  Aubrey equally enjoyed shaking the bottle at the end to get all of the marshmallows back out.
Rabbit Paint in a Bag:
For this baby safe painting activity, I put a gray rabbit outline in a ziplock bag with a few drops of white paint. Then I sealed it up for some fun no mess and no stress painting. Before the paint dried I carefully opened the bag and peeled it away from the top to allow it to dry.
White Frosting Play Dough:
This white frosting dough is my absolute favorite! Just mix white frosting and powdered sugar until you get the softest smoothest play dough ever. I don’t even measure it, just keep adding sugar until it’s no longer sticky. It’s seriously a fluffy cloud of awesome. Trust me your kids will be begging to play with it more than slime...okay maybe not that much, but you will enjoy a few minutes to yourself while they explore with this fluffy white taste safe play dough.
Here is what I included on our tray: angel and snowman cookie cutters, cut up pipe cleaners, and foam snowflakes

Frosting Playdough Recipe: (But you really can just wing it)
In a stand mixer, mix 1 cup white funfetti frosting and 3 cups of powdered sugar. 
That’s it! If it’s too sticky add more powdered sugar. 

Too dry? Add more frosting. Sooooo easy and a great texture.
White Color Collage:
At the end of each color week we are making a color collage that I will put together in a book for Aubrey to flip through.

To make the white book page, I first cut out a large rectangle from the center of 2 pieces of white cardstock. Then I cut two pieces of contact paper that were slightly bigger than the white rectangles.

  I took the backing off of one piece of contact paper and stuck one rectangle on it.  Then I gave Aubrey a tray full of white pictures, stickers, sequins, and feathers to create a white collage.

After she was finished, I glued the second white rectangle on top of the first and pressed the remaining piece of contact paper over the top to seal the collage inside. Next, I trimmed the excess contact paper around the rectangle.  I hole punched the top corner and added it to a small metal ring with our red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown, and black collage pages to form a unique color flip book.

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