Baby Bins: Circles

Baby bins are the perfect way to introduce your babies and toddlers to shapes in a fun, hands on and engaging way. Before being able to identify each shape, it is so important to build shape vocabulary (circles, squares, rectangles, triangles, sides, corners, etc.) with little ones.
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Here is a look at what we have planned for our 6 shape themed baby bins:

Here are the details for each of our activities:
Circle Theme Read Aloud:
Circles by Yusuke Yonezu is a great book for introducing not only shapes, but also for reviewing colors and numbers. The bright and colorful cut out pages are engaging and perfect for little hands to interact with. I love this book for building vocabulary and getting a feel for each shape.
Circle Themed Sensory Bin:
Circle Stamping Art:
For this circle art project I first rounded up all of the circle objects I could find. We used a pouch lid, 1/2 of a fillable Easter egg, a toilet paper tube, round brushes, and the top part of a building block. I filled a small tray with colored tempera paint and let Aubrey stamp and explore.

**Aubrey is a painting pro now, so I chose to use our regular tempera paints for bright colors. If you have a baby that still puts everything in their mouth try one of these taste safe paint recipes from Can Do Kiddo.**
Circle Button Bin:
Our next activity combined threading, stuffing and sorting for all kinds of fine motor fun. I filled our bin with circle shaped buttons, lacing thread and colored bowls with lids. I cut slots in the lids of each bowl large enough for the buttons to be pushed into.  Aubrey used the strings to thread circle button necklaces which required LOTS of concentration.  She also pushed buttons into bowls but wasn't to into sorting by color. 
Circle Theme Water Bin:
For this activity, I used our large underbed bin, filled it with a few inches of warm water, cut up pool noodlesstacking rings, and stacking cups. This bin was by far the favorite of the week. This girl LOVES to splash, I cannot wait for summer so we can pull our water table back outside.  
Circle Play Dough:
Our last activity was making circles with play dough. I rolled out a few colors of play dough and Aubrey used rollers, cutters, and cups to create circles of varying colors and sizes. Easy peasy!

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