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I am so over snow and cold, so anytime winter wants to come to an end that would be great... But hey at least we have fun holidays to celebrate while we're waiting for spring to arrive.  This week we took a break from our shape themed baby bins to have all kinds of red, pink, glittery, sparkly fun for Valentine's Day.
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Here are the details for each of our Valentine's theme activities:
Valentine Read Aloud:
Laura Numeroff is one of our FAVORITE authors  around here so when I saw this cute board book with all of our favorite "If You Give a..." series characters I had to grab it for our baby bins. In Happy Valentine's Day, Mouse, Mouse makes valentines for all of his friends and tells why he loves them, leading to a great chat about what we love about each other.
  Valentine's Themed Sensory Bin:
 Valentine Play Dough Cookies: 
 Mailing Valentines:

This activity was super easy to set up and Aubrey LOVED it.  She is starting to get really good at peeling stickers so this tray kept her so busy!
 Valentines Water Play:
In this bin: pink dyed water(use food coloring), heart sponges, mini heart boxes, mini cups, scoops,  silicone cupcake cups and eye droppers

Heart Stamping:
This is one of those art projects that totally looked different in my mind, but I am still loving how they turned out. First I hot glued a few foam hearts to clothespins to make heart stamps.  You can also find heart stampers here, but we didn't have any on hand so I improvised. Then I used removable double sided tape to stick a large foam heart in the center of a piece of cardstock.

Then I set up a tray with pink, red, purple and white tempera paint. Aubrey used the stampers to make hearts all around the page. This is where I envisioned a whole page full of hearts, but with her little hands they ended up more like blobs of paint smooshed all over the page.  Regardless, when she was done and I pulled off the foam heart, there was a beautiful heart left in the center, so I'd still call this a success!

**Aubrey is a painting pro now, so I chose to use our regular tempera paints for bright colors. If you have a baby that still puts everything in their mouth try one of these taste safe paint recipes from Can Do Kiddo.**

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